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As a Certified Financial Planner, Sojan Thomas specializes in offering customized and personalized financial advisory to successful but busy entrepreneurs, professionals, and mid to top management corporate executives. Sojan’s well-meaning advisory comes from a tenacious matching of client’s goals, studying cashflow status and saving patterns with the optimal financial instruments.  His corporate professionalism comes from the ~16 year glorious career in the banking and financial services industry.

Driven by this key question, “How can I bring order, focus and simplicity in the matters of money?”, Sojan has gently moved 200 families from over-whelmed states to states of order and financial security. Clients have entrusted him the entire spectrum of personal and family goals, including Higher Education Planning, Wedding Planning, Retirement Planning, Decent Lifestyle and Vacation and overall Family Protection. Corporate clients have purchased Group Mediclaim policies for their staff based on Sojan’s guidance. CEOs, CFOs of Indian MNCs, NRIs based in UAE, London, Africa, Cardiologists, Retirees, Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, and other professionals have benefitted from his Wealth Management and Portfolio Management services.

Sojan is an active member of the Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB) and Network FP (a fraternity of practicing financial planners). He educates the customers through his blog, helping them see a future with all their risks covered through optimal investment planning.

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It is the process of meeting your financial goals through the proper management of your finances. Financial goals can include buying a home, savings for your child’s education, planning for your retirement or estate planning.


Basically wealth is an abundance of variable material resources. The meaning of wealth is not straightforward. Wealth is basically a person’s net worth. Wealth can be explained as assets minus liabilities.


With the growing complexity of retirement, more and more people are getting concerned about retirement and its planning. Once you have passed working age, it becomes difficult to mend the expenses.


Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

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